Botswana Endorses Discredited ZEC
15 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

As Botswana gears up for its own electoral process, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has embarked on a benchmarking mission to Zimbabwe, observing the preparations for the upcoming General Elections scheduled for October this year.

In a briefing held in Harare this Tuesday, Mr. Utloile Silaigwana, Chief Elections Officer of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), outlined the objectives of the visit, emphasizing a focus on the management of electoral activities and the conduct of elections.

“The delegation comprises of the Chief Public Relations Officer and the Policy Development and Voter Education Manager.

The benchmarking exercise will mainly focus on the management of electoral activities and the conduct of elections.

ZEC will also illustrate publicity activities such as its radio programmes, use of social media platforms and website as well as rebranding initiatives to the visitors,” he stated.

Mr. Silaigwana further underscored the significance of the visit, portraying it as an acknowledgment of the professionalism demonstrated by ZEC during the August 2023 general elections.

“Despite aspersions cast by some election observers on Zimbabwe’s elections, the visits are an endorsement of professionalism characteristic of ZEC’s electoral management especially in the conduct of credible elections,” he elaborated.

The delegation from Botswana follows in the footsteps of several regional electoral management bodies in Africa, including the Independent Electoral Commission of Lesotho and the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, who have undertaken similar visits in the past.

The exchange of knowledge and experiences between electoral commissions across borders underscores a commitment to improving electoral processes and upholding democratic principles within the region.

As Botswana looks to strengthen its own electoral systems, the insights gained from Zimbabwe’s experience could prove invaluable in shaping the future of democracy in the country.