Xenophobic SA Opposition Targets Zim Schools Teaching Shona
15 February 2024
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By Political reporter- On Monday, the Patriotic Alliance (PA), an opposition political party in South Africa, organised a protest at Esikhisini Primary School in Pretoria, Atteridgeville, due to the inclusion of Shona language teaching.

The Esikhisini Primary School Governing Board chairperson is a Zimbabwean national, and approximately 20% of the school’s enrollment consists of Zimbabweans.

Deputy President Kenny Kunene of the PA voiced the demand for prioritising South Africans and called for the expulsion of Zimbabwean learners.

Kunene stated:
“The school has applied to the Department of Education to introduce Shona language instruction. We spoke with the principal, Mr Nkabinde, who claims he hasn’t applied for Shona instruction, but our information suggests that the SGB chairperson, who is Zimbabwean, is working with the department to introduce Shona.”
“This is a public school. Shona is not part of the curriculum. We understand that the department is considering this proposal. We’re here to express our anger and dissatisfaction with what they’re trying to impose on our communities.”
Kunene expressed concern about South African parents facing difficulties enrolling their children due to the admission of foreign nationals’ children. The PA members pledged to conduct door-to-door visits to identify parents who might have been rejected from the school to facilitate their admission.
The PA also advocated for the replacement of a Zimbabwean official with a South African. This protest is occurring in the context of upcoming general elections in South Africa, where some far-right political parties have targeted foreigners as part of their campaign strategy to attract voters.