Four Children Found Dead In A Wrecked Car
18 February 2024
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By – Four Children have been found dead in a wrecked car in Hopely Zone 1 in Harare.

The children were identified as Allen Busiri (3), Anotidaishe Mutize (4), Ashley Matowe (3), and Kudzaishe Tsuro (3). 

The incident happened on Friday.

The police discovered their lifeless bodies in a non-functional vehicle with tinted windows at 7:00 p.m.

Harare Mayor, Councillors, Town Clerk, Management, and staff of the HCC shared their deepest sympathies with the bereaved families.

 In a statement seen by Pindula News, the local government authority said:

The Mayor Cllr Jacob Mafume, Councillors, Town Clerk, Management & staff would like to express their deepest condolences to the families of the four children Allen Busiri (3), Anotidaishe Mutize (4), Ashley Matowe (3) and Kudzaishe Tsuro (3) who died on 15th of February 2024.

May their souls rest in eternal peace. In response to the tragedy, the Mayor said the City will provide free graves for the 4 toddlers and four coffins through HMMAS. The City also provided firewood and part of the food to be consumed at the funeral.

Councillor Everjoice Kamusikiri of Ward 35 Harare South stated that the funeral would be held at a single location to ensure proper logistical coordination, given that the children were friends and relatives.

According to the police, the four children entered a parked Black Toyota Chaser motor vehicle with a non-functional engine. They closed the rear passenger door, which had tinted windows. The vehicle was parked at a Hopely Zone 1, Harare residence, from noon until 7:00 p.m.