ZBC Worker Horrors
19 February 2024
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By A Correspondent | Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is facing mounting scrutiny as employees accuse top management of exacerbating their working conditions and obstructing efforts to improve their welfare. Chief Executive Officer Adelaide Chikunguru and key executives have come under fire for allegedly undermining decisions aimed at enhancing employee rights and benefits, sparking outrage among workers.

“The conduct of Chikunguru, Toringepi, and Muchengwa has plunged our operations into chaos,” said a source within ZBC, highlighting the frustration among employees.

The discord within ZBC’s ranks centers around allegations that Chikunguru, along with Human Resource Director Julius Toringepi and Corporate Secretary Patricia Muchengwa, have intentionally delayed processes to increase workers’ salaries. This delay, workers claim, is part of a wider agenda to sabotage the directives of the new board led by Helliate Rushwaya, which seeks to usher in reforms to address longstanding grievances.

“The trio’s actions have been detrimental to our welfare, and it’s clear they prioritize their own interests over ours,” expressed a member of the ZBC workers committee.

Sources within the national broadcaster have accused the trio of stalling efforts to implement salary adjustments, plunging operations into disarray. The alleged loyalty of Chikunguru to the previous board, appointed by former Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, has fueled tensions within the organization. The fallout between Christopher Mutsvangwa, husband of Monica Mutsvangwa, and current Information Minister Jenfan Muswere further complicates the situation, with Chikunguru reportedly aligning with the Mutsvangwa faction.

“In their pursuit to maintain control, the executives have neglected the well-being of the employees,” remarked another ZBC worker.

In a scathing letter addressed to Rushwaya and the board of directors, the ZBC workers committee lamented the trio’s actions, accusing them of holding the public broadcaster hostage. The letter detailed instances of delay tactics and reluctance to prioritize employee welfare, citing egregious delays in processing recommendations from the HR committee.

“The executives’ disregard for our concerns is unacceptable, and it’s time for them to be held accountable,” asserted a representative of the workers committee.

Furthermore, employees claim that ZBC owes them back pay for several months outlined in the National Employment Council collective bargaining agreement, adding to their frustration and financial strain. Despite attempts to seek clarification and resolution, Chikunguru remained inaccessible for comment, further exacerbating tensions within the organization.

“As employees, we deserve better treatment and respect from management,” emphasized a ZBC employee.

As discontent simmers among ZBC employees, calls for accountability and transparency from management grow louder. The allegations of sabotage and neglect have cast a shadow over the national broadcaster, raising questions about its commitment to fostering a conducive work environment and upholding employee rights. As the standoff between workers and management intensifies, the future of ZBC hangs in the balance, with urgent reforms needed to address systemic issues and restore trust within the organization.- state media/additional