How Much Is Emmerson Mnangagwa Spending On Fighting Nelson Chamisa?
20 February 2024
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In the face of sustained onslaughts from the ruling Zanu PF party and its affiliates, Nelson Chamisa, the dynamic leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition, maintains unwavering resilience and optimism.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the leader of Zanu PF, directs considerable time and resources towards launching relentless attacks against Chamisa and his allies.

In a reflective message shared on X platform, Chamisa articulates his steadfast philosophy:

“Bitterness breeds no betterment… Embrace diversity, relish criticism, and cherish dialogue. Surround yourself with positivity and shun the toxicity of backbiting.

In life, cultivate sweetness in abundance while banishing bitterness from your midst.”

Chamisa’s resolute stance reflects a commitment to rise above adversities, fostering an environment of constructive engagement and collective progress amidst turbulent political landscapes.