Kasukuwere Slams Govt Over Recent Demolitions
20 February 2024
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By A Correspondent| Former Zanu PF politiburo member Saviour Kasukuwere has blasted government over the recent demolitions saying it’s behavior is criminal.

Responding to a Daily News story where government was announcing the end of demolitions, Kasukuwere said it didn’t make sense as the damage had already been done.

“This is a shame! The damage has been done, some families and children are sleeping in the open. Mr Govt this was/is criminal behaviour. As usual we move on …..,” said Kasukuwere.

His ally Walter Mzembi was also unimpressed by the move which he said is the most disastrous episode of the second republic.

“This has been one of the most disappointing & disastrous episodes of the” 2nd Republic ” , which is clearly hijacked by counter revolutionaries . How are such decisions ever made in the first place , and why are the overzealous implementers of such directives always the usual suspects of non elected officials & “johnny come latelys “, in vernacular ” Zvitambapanashe ” ?Is the President @edmnangagwa aware of the political, social & economic cost to the victims and to him as a person; there is so much viral damaging & insulting criticism of him doing the rounds , he must actually demand it , and listen to what people are saying about him in agony , unless this was a conspiracy to damage his person . Something is terribly amiss !,” said Mzembi.