20 February 2024
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Message From Our “GrandMothers of Africa”


This is a pressing concern for all Africans, both present and future.

Do African people truly own their continent simply by virtue of being born on it?

The reality is that Africa, with all its resources, is often controlled by non-Africans.Across our continent, before the Berlin/Kongo Conference of 1884+1, various tribes, traditional rulers, clans, and communities fiercely resisted foreign dominance.

The Ethiopian repelled the Italians, King Chaka of the Zulu defended his Kingdom, the Mau Mau showed incredible bravery, Amina Zaria led as a mother figure, and the Herero and Namas fought against German extermination, among many others.

They sacrificed their lives to secure freedom for future generations, a sacrifice that must not be forgotten.However, today, we witness a different reality. Our leaders often align themselves with those our forebears fought against, accepting their terms and conditions.

The result is evident in the poverty, neglect, and hopelessness that plagues our continent.As we look ahead to 2025, the vision of a potential AU Chairperson becomes pivotal.


Where does such a candidate stand on Sahel Unity?How will they address the DR Congo crisis and instability, particularly the economic war?

What is their stance on developing rail connectivity to enhance intra-African trade, as proposed by AfCFTA?How do they prioritize technical and vocational educational development in Africa, considering its transformative impact in other regions like South Korea, China, and Vietnam?What efforts will they make towards realizing the Africa Continental Union Government and advocating for the teaching of Pan Africanism in all African learning institutions?

How do they evaluate the achievements of the 2020 Year of Silencing the Guns?

Why did Agenda 2063 default on pursuing the Federal Continental Union Government in 2023, and how will they rectify this?How will they ensure independent funding for the AU’s operations?How will they communicate their vision for a secure, healthy, and prosperous Africa in local languages to ensure wider understanding and evaluation?It’s imperative that an African leads the AU Commission to address the continent’s endemic issues.

Any candidate who fails to convincingly address these concerns may be serving external interests rather than those of Africa.

The OAU/AU stands for a purposeful African mission, echoing the voices of leaders like Nkrumah, Mugabe, Mandela, and others.

Let the sacrifices of our forebears not be in vain, and let the AU be a beacon of hope, relief, and happiness for all Africans.

By a GrandSon of Africa: Anyagre.B. Aziigina’ataeg +233(0)244617013 [email protected]