Statesman Chamisa Continues To Tackle National Issues While Welshman And Crew Focus On Him
22 February 2024
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Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa continues to show his statesmanship by tackling national problems facing the country while his adversaries focus on him.

CCC acting President Welshman Ncube on Tuesday appeared on CITE attacking Chamisa labelling him a dictator among other labels but the 2023 Presidential candidate is unfazed in his quest to fight for every citizen.

Yesterday, Chamisa decried the destruction of national pride by the Zanu PF regime.

He said due to the prevailing political and economic problems, Zimbabwe was continuously losing its best brains to other countries thereby assaulting the national dignity of the Citizens.

“A COUNTRY IN TURMOIL…Zimbabwe is a sad case of a disintegrating nation upon broken families. Not a single family is without a member/s living in the diaspora. This is an indicator of the magnitude of the prevailing political decay and economic crisis. The politics is broken. The economy is in tatters. We’ve lost our best and finest brains. Our most productive and active workforce is productive and active in other lands to the detriment of national interest. Our national pride has been severely undermined! Our collective dignity has been assaulted. The damage socially & economically is dire. Our social fabric is torn apart. The solution is finding each other and collectively resolving the disputed national processes including the 2023 general elections. Zimbabwe must return to MAJORITY RULE and a consensus POPULAR GOVERNMENT. The true will of the citizens must be respected! Citizens unite,” said Chamisa.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF has not wasted