Mnangagwa Praises Former Boss Robert Mugabe
23 February 2024
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National Youth Day Commemoration


I’m honored to address you on behalf of the nation of the Republic of Zimbabwe as we commemorate the RGM Youth Day

ZANU PF has strong revolutionary background born out of a protracted struggle for independence and democracy

RGM Youth Day started way back in 1962-63-64. We did our part as youth,

and we fought to liberate Zimbabwe. We pass this button to you.

We are your founding fathers for freedom and democracy.

What legacy are you going to live behind? Those who activate their lives to bring about today’s freedom are gone

We look forward to the future with great confidence.
Embrace our philosophy Nyika inovakwa, igotongwa, igonamatirwa nevene vayo

We have a burden on our shoulders to develop our country
We must be solid masters of our own destiny, country and vision.

We must rule ourselves
Let’s be wary of the sinister agendas from outsiders

Love your country and say no to regionalism, tribalism and remain focused, disciplined and loyal to your motherland Zimbabwe

We want peace in the country, and we must dream and walk it and relate to others peacefully.

Last year we were here in Masvingo for the first time voters meeting, I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for such a huge attendance.

Youths, be happy we are here to support you. In the spirit of togetherness, we are able to stand up against those nations who wish us ill.

The nations that claim to be democratic hate us but will reciprocate on them as loving people

I want to thank you, the people of Masvingo we won resoundingly during the election period.

Well done, Masvingo, today, you have come in your large numbers, but you’re equally committed to building our own country. Step by step, we build our great Zimbabwe.

Makorokoto amhlope, we are proud of our youth.

Only God knows when I will leave this earth, and we shall continue to make bold decisions to make sure our youths are involved in decision-making processes.

The young people given responsibilities in Gvt, Cabinet, PB, etc, are doing well. I want tocommend the youths for the exhibitions here.

Your Government will scale up support for all vocational centers to make sure they are fully equipped to support rural industrialization.

Moreover, we shall accelerate the development of youth in the development agenda.

Never abandon our heritage and African morals. Let’s remain humble and honest.
Let us be known for our integrity and hard, honest work
Say no to corruption and be respectful of our culture.

We want you, the youth, to be known across the globe as young professionals and honest people.

Visit the youth desks and find time to consult at these spaces. ZANU PF has youth oriented programs and projects, and we will address current and future needs

Positioning Youth Empowerment and Development towards Achieving Vision 2030

I thank you