Is This Wasu Involved In A Car Accident?
24 February 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | In a distressing turn of events on Friday night, Wasu, the personal assistant to renowned socialite Mai Titi (real name Felistas Murata), was reported to have been involved in a serious road accident. The incident occurred on the busy Gweru-Harare highway, raising concerns among fans and followers of the prominent socialite.

Details surrounding the accident remain unclear, but socialite Ketty Masomere provided an early account, indicating the severity of the incident. According to Masomere, the accident took place shortly after Gweru, as Wasu was en route to the NAMA awards. The unfortunate event resulted in two individuals sustaining leg injuries and another suffering a head injury.

In the wake of the accident, social media has been abuzz with concern and well-wishes for Wasu and the other victims. Masomere released two videos purportedly of Wasu, although the authenticity of these videos could not be immediately verified.

Ketty Masomere took to social media to urge the community for their prayers, writing, “Pray for some guys from V11 saying that Wasu was involved in an accident just after Gweru on his way to NAMA awards, it is said that 2 people have leg injuries and one head injury, get well soon to all of them #prayersforwasu #wehopeandprayyouareallok.”

The incident has sparked a wave of sympathy and support from fans and well-wishers, highlighting the close-knit nature of Mai Titi’s following and the broader social media community. As the story develops, many are holding out hope for positive news regarding Wasu and the other individuals involved in the accident.

Efforts to obtain further details and official confirmations are ongoing. The community continues to rally in support, demonstrating the powerful bond of solidarity in times of crisis.