Advocate Chamisa Denounces Zanu PF Brutality
25 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

Opposition leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa has vehemently condemned the violent eviction of citizens by the government of Zimbabwe, shedding light on the pressing issue of land rights and ownership in the country.

In a poignant statement, Chamisa underscored the crucial link between independence, meaningful land rights, and ownership, emphasizing that mere occupation does not equate to true ownership.

“The communal lands act is draconian and colonial,” Chamisa declared, highlighting the systemic flaws within Zimbabwe’s land tenure system. He lamented that while many Zimbabweans may reside on land, they lack legal ownership, leaving them vulnerable to arbitrary displacement and dispossession.

Chamisa’s impassioned plea for justice resonated deeply as he denounced the heartache endured by citizens who have lost their homes due to state-sanctioned evictions.

He emphasized the inherent dignity and God-given entitlement of every citizen to land, condemning the recent displacements as flagrant violations of constitutional rights.

Citing specific constitutional provisions, including property rights, administrative justice, and freedom from arbitrary eviction, Chamisa underscored the legal basis for challenging the government’s actions.

He criticized the concentration of power in the hands of the President, highlighting the lack of accountability and citizen participation in decisions affecting communal lands.

Urging urgent action, Chamisa outlined a series of concrete steps to address the land rights crisis.

Chief among these measures is the issuance of title deeds to provide citizens with legal protection and security over their land.

He also called for a comprehensive review of outdated legislation, establishment of transparent land registries, and depoliticization of land allocation processes.

Moreover, Chamisa stressed the importance of community consultations and adequate compensation in cases of displacement, advocating for a fair and equitable approach to land management.

He proposed the introduction of land use planning mechanisms overseen by designated district planners to prevent abuse of state power and ensure sustainable land utilization.

Advocate Chamisa’s denouncement of brutal evictions by the Mnangagwa regime shines a spotlight on the urgent need for comprehensive land reform in Zimbabwe.

His call for justice, transparency, and citizen empowerment underscores the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights that must guide efforts to address the country’s land tenure challenges.

Only through collective action and genuine reform can Zimbabwe realize its promise of land ownership for all its citizens.