Hopewell Contradicts Self Multiple Times While Claiming UK Embassy Cleared Him Over Money Laundering
27 February 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | The controversial activist, Hopewell Chin’ono (HC), contradicted himself multiple times during a Sunday night spaces engagement he hosted with UK-based online presenter Gerald Belts (GB).

In less than 15 minutes, he claimed he would not insult those he disagrees with, yet in the same breath, he used terms like “bullshit” to respond to a request for the name of a UK lender he claimed financed his first property with a GBP 50,000 loan in the form of a sports car. Rather than simply revealing the funder’s name, Chin’ono hurled a barrage of insults, dismissing the request as nonsensical.

Additionally, Chin’ono contradicted a letter from a UK embassy staff member addressing a political accusation by falsely claiming it was a standard criminal records check. He asserted that the letter, authored by a secretary responsible for political communications, stated he “is not a fugitive from justice,” when in fact the letter contained no such wording. It related to allegations of his political persecution. The document mentions Hopewell Chin’ono’s new identity, under which he has visited the UK. This identity was one of many assumed by deported Zimbabweans who exploited the vacuum created by changes to the DNA system after the September 11, 2001 bombings. Investigations reveal that during the period of his unexplained property acquisitions, Chin’ono operated under a different name before his sudden relocation to Zimbabwe.

In December, Chin’ono who has failed proceeds of crime tests as the one done by his former employer, Geoff Nyarota changed his own story over the source of his funds. 

Below was the part exchange:

HC: Politics has been so toxic. It has been so toxic that brothers and sisters hate each other and yet they are fighting the same animal. You know, eeeh. And and and, I have shared my frustration with my relationship with Professor Brilliant with Zhangazha. I have said to Zhangazha, you know, Brilliant is errm, we belong to the same Institute, eeeh, Tutu fellowship, Africa leadership institute. We went to Oxford together at different times.

We need to relate. We are Zimbabweans we might differ on certain things you know, we should never, we should never fight each other to the point where we belittle each other where we insult each other we are brothers at the end of the day you know, it is just like back home in the rural areas we can, we can sit on the fire and disagree, to support different parties. But, we shouldn’t get to a point where we can’t engage with each other.

GB: Right. And also, I have received so many questions I am not realising now I have received so many questions.

HC: No, no, please please, these questions, I’m ready to answer them. We don’t do this every day.

GB: Let me, I want to acknowledge the people that I have added, I will come to you Gari. There’s a question here that says ask when he last spoke with Chamisa was it way before the leaked audios that is one question and then another one is saying.

Hopewell Chinono(HC): I want to address the issue of the audio, which Simba-Chikanza of ZimEye keeps bringing out. That is, that that.

GB: On top of that is there is the question of the safe houses as well, reported that you reported to Chiwenga, you know, if you can put that together.

Hopewell Chin’ono (HC) Yes, yes yes, that question that’s a ghost account of Simba-Chikanza asking you and I am happy to answer, it let me answer it. Aah, the first question is that Simba knows very well that those audios were doctored. Ah. They don’t represent a conversation that happened; but the most important thing is that I think I hope I will be able to look for it, but anyway, what Simba keeps posting that I exposed people it’s a lie. The what happened was that I was taken to have a conversation in 2018 which I publicly talked about. In that conversation there was the British ambassador, the EUAmbassador, a Congolese businessman called Kala Mpinga, vice president Chiwenga, and then we were taken to the president of the country, Emmerson Mnangagwa. It had nothing with all this bullshit that Simba posts about. Simba has gone to a point of asking me to account for a car that I drove 30 years ago, LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH, I assume that people have common sense you know. Eeh. And and and, and, so, in that regard I was never going to answer all this nonsense uncle Ged, but, you know if you ask me to account, eeh for a car that I pot, bought 30 years ago because you hate me so much, you don’t like me you know, you hate me so much. Eeh I have more money in my current account than all those figures that he talks about and that money I can account for it, so I think it’s very petty as Zimbabweans to really, you know, imagine if I get into an argument with Kuda Musasiwa over something else, and then I start asking him to account for a car that he bought 30 years ago.

I start asking him to account for a house. You know I’ve been asked to account for my house more than 1000 times ago, more than a thousand times I mean, not ago, eeh, the British embassy has had to issue a public statement that I am not a fugitive from justice but that is how petty Zimbabweans are. Erin, I will post it right away. The British embassy has had to issue a statement to say “Hopewell Chinono is not a fugitive from justice in Britain,” but in a country that has no single working radiotherapy machine that has no clean drinking water that has no decent roads, that has no pensions for its pensioners, every day Simba-Chikanza tweets about the sports car that I drove and he lies about how I am a fugitive from justice and all that it’s a shame; it’s a shame because it shows the rest of the world; I want to tell you Uncle Ged, I want to tell you about how this is so shameful. I was invited for coffee, aah in PARKTOWN NORTH in Johannesburg by Geoff, who is the correspondent of the Canadian Globe, aaah in Johannesburg and he said to me, you know, aah, let’s have drinks, aah, Geoff York and he said to me this guy keeps writing about you. What’s going on? Is everything okay? But this is how the rest of the world sees us, as a people. You know, you are chasing after a 52 year old guy and you asking him to account for how he bought a house for 60,000 in Chisipite. You’re chasing after a 52 year old guy and you’re asking him to account how he bought a Toyota Supra in 1996 and today is 2024. I have never worked for Govt. I don’t earn public funds. I have never stolen anything from the state but a whole supposedly website spends two years chasing after a guy asking him; what if I tell you that I have £3 million in my account today, that I have worked for that I can account for that has been paid into that account by British institutions like ITV news that I have worked for and you’re asking me about £50,000 when I have £3 million in my account; when I live in a 4 million eh, eh Rand house in Johannesburg; when I live in a US$600,000 house in Harare and the whole struggle is reduced to talking about how a man bought a car worth US$50,000 or pounds 30 years ago ; It just shows how petty we are. It shows how.

GB: But, eh, why don’t you engage him in that aspect in a conversation?

HC: no no no no I’m never going to do that uncle Ged.

GB: because we are now being caught in a crossfire no no I think what we need to do. I think

GB: what we need to do so we host both of you?

HC: no no no no I think what we need to do a sensible people is to focus on sensitive sensible issues. If we start degenerating into, into these stupid things, then there is no reason why foreigners have to respect us because if we can’t respect ourselves, why do we expect strangers to respect us?

GB: right, so on that issue your clarification when it comes to those issues that he has raised…?

HC: No there is no clarification. I just said, I just said things in passing. I don’t owe that guy anything, as I said to you, I am not a public figure. I have more money than he talks about. I have no obligation to tell anyone how I have earned that money I have never worked for Govt. I’ve worked my whole life for private media. You know who I have worked for. If you think that what I have I didn’t earn it to go to ITV news. Those are my employers. Those are the people that were paying me money if you think that I did not earn what I have got like I live in a nice house and I don’t deserve it go to ITV news. Those are my employers, they say it publicly that they employed me. Why should, I mean, your grandmother stays in the rural areas and she doesn’t even have a pension, she doesn’t even have medication, and you want to know how I bought a car 30 years ago, come here on Uncle GED, let’s move on.

GB: LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH. Others will be saying isn’t it that a crime does not expire, Apologies, but it is hard; but anyway there is also a question here

HC:I think there’s a guy called Tino. The Village Boy I had blocked him. I have unblocked him.

GB: I think he wanted to ask something no no no he was here. He has actually asked a question, so in the spirit of unblocking people which is quite good. Okay there is there is a question here it is being said it is being asked. Are you going to apologise to Nelson Chamisa privately or publicly and move onto build a greater Zimbabwe?

HC: I have no reason to apologise to my brother Nelson because everything I said was based on facts, and eeeh, what that person needs to do is to come and say to me what you said about Nelson or about CCC on this particular instance is wrong and here are the facts.

I have no reason to apologise to politicians. I never apologise to politicians. Nelson Chamisa and all the other politicians and I talk to all of them. Today today today, eeh, eeh, I went to have my haircut and and the person who told me where I could get my hair cut was Saviour Kasukuwere I am in Johannesburg at the moment. And, and and I talk to all of them and I don’t hide that.

I talk to Saviour Kasukuwere, I talk to Welshman , I talk to Nelson Chamisa, I talk to Nkosana Moyo. Nkosana Moyo has been to my home in Zimbabwe , has been to my home in Johannesburg. These are my brothers these are my sisters.

I was speaking to Tadini’s president, Valerio, she sent a message to say I owe her a response. I speak to everyone these are Zimbabweans. You know we should not intimidate each other by saying, don’t talk to so and so, don’t talk to so-and-so because our resolutions only come from all of us to put together. This idea, politicians lie to you.

They say don’t talk to someone so but they talk to so, so I know it so President Nelson Chamisa will never say to me. Don’t talk to so and so but because he is the guy who told me to talk to everybody. So why shouldn’t I talk to? If you come to South Africa you see President Raposa talking to Julius Malema you will see him talking to Hellen Ziller. You will see him talk to
Steenhuisen. Why shouldn’t I not to talk to my brothers and sisters? I will talk to Tadini. I will talk to Makomborero. I will talk to Nelson. I will talk to even to ED. I will talk to him, I have no problem. You see, our lack. I think we need to introduce politics as a subject at high school, so that people understand what it involves. If you go to ENGLAND today, this animosity does not exist. Yeah you know and Zanu PF has allowed people to hate each other and do things but what you don’t know is that these people at night they do things together….