Mnangagwa In Wicknell Chivhayo Style, Dishes-Out 100 High-Profile Cars To Chiefs
29 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- In a move reminiscent of controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo’s extravagant car donations, President Emmerson Mnangagwa presented a fleet of 100 vehicles to “deserving” chiefs on Thursday morning.

The ceremony, echoing Chivhayo’s penchant for high-profile generosity, took place at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

George Charamba, the President’s spokesperson, took to X to announce the car handover, emphasizing that the selected chiefs were deemed “deserving.” However, Charamba did not elaborate on the criteria used for determining the recipients of the luxury vehicles.

During his address at the ceremony, President Mnangagwa urged the chiefs to promote unity among their subjects and advocate for peace. He underscored that Zimbabwe is a unitary state, discouraging divisions that could threaten the country’s integrity.

Touching upon the issue of hunger, the President assured the nation that the government is implementing immediate interventions to distribute food to needy families across the country. However, the lack of transparency in the selection process for the chiefs receiving cars raised questions about the allocation of resources.

Chief Mtshana Khumalo, the President of the Chiefs’ Council, expressed gratitude for the support provided to chiefs, including stipends, infrastructures, and health insurance.

These social interventions, according to Khumalo, have significantly improved the welfare of traditional leaders.

Critics argue that the ZANU PF-led government’s emphasis on prioritizing traditional leaders in resource distribution, particularly luxury cars, highlights misplaced priorities.

They point out instances where essential public services, such as police stations lacking vehicles and hospitals without functioning ambulances, reveal a critical need for more responsible allocation of resources.

In the broader context, the government’s tendency to cater to traditional leaders for electoral support has raised concerns about equity in resource distribution and the overall effectiveness of its policies.

The contrast between lavish car gifts to chiefs and the dire conditions in essential public services underscores a need for a reevaluation of the government’s priorities.