Mnangagwa Targets Chiwenga, Fakes Bomb Scare
1 March 2024
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By Political Reporter- In a startling revelation, activists have cast doubt on the recent bomb scare at Victoria Falls International Airport, suggesting it may be a calculated move by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to eliminate potential opposition to his alleged third-term ambitions.

Mnangagwa’s supporters within ZANU PF reportedly initiated early campaigns for a constitutional amendment, aiming to pave the way for a third term in 2028—contrary to the existing constitutional limits.

On Friday, 01 March, Mnangagwa’s spokesperson, George Charamba, announced the President’s abrupt cancellation of his Victoria Falls trip due to a “credible bomb/firearm threat” targeting Zimbabwean airports.

Taking to social media platform X, former Foreign Affairs Minister, Walter Mzembi accused Mnangagwa of being misled. He stated in full –

“This alleged ” threat ” could have been handled quietly without ringing these unnecessary alarm bells. Everyday in the world Presidents receive hoax messages but there are security filters to prevent public despondency and debranding of their Airports as terrorist targets which every Airport is, the difference being official confirmation , hence the intensive and rigorous security screening Passengers are subjected to daily at all international airports !
Unless one is afraid and doesn’t trust his own Intelligence Agencies then this sort of alarm bell ringing is an unnecessary Travel Advisory against self and will certainly be picked by other Governments and Tourists . In short we are saying Zimbabwe is not safe , letalone a Travel Warning self issued from Victoria Falls one of the World ‘ s Natural Wonders

Mzembi, among others questions the legitimacy of the provided email regarding the bomb scare.

Despite President Mnangagwa’s cancellation of the trip, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga stepped in to officiate at the Southern Africa International Renewable Energy Conference and Expo.

 The incident has ignited speculation about the lengths some may go to secure political longevity, as Mnangagwa faces increasing scrutiny from both opponents and skeptics within his own party.