Zanu PF Hardliners Target Artist Mama Vee
1 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

Zanu PF hardliners, commonly referred to as Varakashi, have raised objections over the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) honouring of prominent artist Mama Vee, real name Admire Takudzwa Mushambi, alleging that the recognition promotes LGBTQ+ culture.

Mama Vee was bestowed with an Award of Excellence by NAMA, sparking controversy among Zanu PF Varakashi, who argue that such recognition implicitly endorses gay and lesbian culture in Zimbabwe.

In a statement released on Facebook, Zanu PF Varakashi condemned the award, calling for its revocation:

“The recent awarding of a NAMA prize to Mama Vee is another subliminal way of promoting gay and lesbian culture in our country, which must be condemned by all.”

The backlash against Mama Vee’s recognition underscores the ongoing tensions surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and representation in Zimbabwe.

While the NAMA award aimed to honor excellence in the arts, it has inadvertently reignited debates on cultural and social values within the country.

As discussions continue to unfold, the controversy surrounding Mama Vee’s award highlights the complex intersections between art, politics, and social norms in the Zimbabwean society.