EXPOSED: Mnangagwa’s Bomb Scare Contrasted With 3 Real Threats Since 2017 Coup
2 March 2024
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By Farai D Hove |In a stunning development that has gripped the nation, the Zimbabwean government declared a bomb threat that led to significant shifts in the country’s military and health sectors. This declaration, centered around an unsigned email, has spurred widespread skepticism and concern.

Critics have swiftly pointed out the improbability of such a claim. “In today’s digital age, to suggest an email bomb threat cannot be traced is ludicrous,” stated a cybersecurity expert, who preferred to remain anonymous. This skepticism is rooted in Zimbabwe’s history of tangible bomb threats, including incidents involving live grenades and explosions that have posed real danger to political figures.

The announcement of Air Marshal Elson Moyo’s retirement and the appointment of Dr. Christopher Pamhidza Pasi in the health sector have further fueled speculation. President Emmerson Mnangagwa, citing the constitution, confirmed these changes. “Effective March 15, 2024, we see a new chapter in our military and health leadership,” Mnangagwa announced, underscoring the significance of these transitions.

Air Vice Marshal John Jacob Nzvede’s appointment as the new Commander of the Airforce of Zimbabwe is seen by some as a strategic move. A defense analyst commented, “This is more than a routine change; it’s a calculated maneuver within the military’s higher echelons.”

Similarly, the appointment of Dr. Pasi has been met with optimism and concern. With an impressive resume, his role is critical. “Dr. Pasi’s vast experience is what our health sector desperately needs,” said a healthcare professional, “but the timing and circumstances of his appointment raise questions.”

These developments have plunged Zimbabwe into a state of uncertainty, with the legitimacy of the bomb threat and the motives behind the leadership changes being called into question. “Transparency and accountability are what we need now,” a political analyst emphasized, reflecting the public’s demand for clarity and truth in this complex situation.

As Zimbabwe faces this tumultuous period, the need for clear answers and justifiable actions is paramount. The nation watches closely, hoping for stability and integrity in the actions of its leaders.