President Chamisa Team Visits Displaced Villagers
2 March 2024
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President Chamisa Sends Strong Delegation To Villagers Affected By Zanu PF Violent Displacements

Date: 29th February 2024

By Wezhira

Yesterday, President Nelson Chamisa led a delegation to visit displaced villagers in Masvingo West.

The team included prominent officials such as Honorable Amos Chibaya, Gift Ostallos Siziba, Prince Dubeko Sibanda, Monica Mukwada, Vongai Tome, Bekezela Mapulanka, Martin Mureri, Matara, Pedzisai Gasva, Roswita Madziire, Maggie Chakabuda, Masvingo Deputy Mayor Mberikunashe, Former Masvingo Mayor Shantel Chiwara, and others.

Accompanied by journalists from Masvingo Mirror, TellZim, Midweek, among others, the delegation addressed the well-attended Masvingo Provincial Assembly before visiting Masvingo West, approximately 40 kilometers away from Masvingo town.

The villagers had been instructed by the court to vacate the land due to illegal occupation, resulting from the Zanu PF-led government’s Operation No to Land Barons.

This displacements compelled them to dismantle their homes and belongings.

During the visit, residents shared poignant stories of having to demolish homes they had occupied since 2002.

Allegations surfaced suggesting political motivations behind the evictions, with some residents claiming persecution for their support of opposition candidates in recent elections.

Former Senator Vongai Tome, overseeing President Chamisa’s welfare department, pledged resources to assist the neglected victims of land evictions.

The villagers appealed for support, particularly food, educational assistance for their children, and shelter due to adverse weather conditions.

Honorable Gift Ostallos Siziba underscored President Chamisa’s advocacy for providing title deeds to resettled Zimbabweans, highlighting the irony of Zanu PF’s actions contrary to their warnings about voting for the opposition.

The visit shed light on the plight of displaced villagers and emphasized the need for comprehensive support and advocacy for their rights and well-being.