”Victor Doesn’t Even Have A Decent Pair Of Shoes”
3 March 2024
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In a surprising twist, state owned Sunday Mail has shed light on the contradictory narrative surrounding the purported generosity of businessman Wicknell Chivayo, revealing that the supposed beneficiaries of his lavish gifts may not be as fortunate as they appear.

Contrary to claims of wealth and opulence, it has been revealed that Victor, the individual synonymous with Chivayo’s famous catchphrase “Go and see Victor,” may not even possess a decent pair of shoes, as reported by State Media.

The persona of Victor, initially believed to be a mere employee at Exquisite Cars Dealership tasked with presenting freebies to Chivayo’s selected recipients, has been thrust into the spotlight. Amidst the comedic buzz and social media frenzy surrounding Chivayo’s ostentatious announcements of gift-giving, skepticism has emerged regarding the true identity and circumstances of Victor.

Commentary on Chivayo’s social media posts has raised eyebrows, with one individual humorously suggesting that Victor should “go and see himself” and perhaps receive a modest Fit or Aqua vehicle instead. Another comment poignantly pointed out the irony of handing out cars when the recipient lacks basic footwear.

State Media’s investigation into Victor’s background revealed a surprising truth: Victor Matiyenga, the purported beneficiary, is, in fact, the owner of Exquisite Cars Dealership. Despite his current status as a successful entrepreneur, Victor’s journey began humbly, washing cars at his father’s dealership.

Over the years, Victor’s perseverance and vision propelled him to transform Exquisite Cars into a thriving enterprise, catering to the tastes of Zimbabwe’s nouveau riche with top-of-the-range vehicles. Despite his notable achievements, including accolades such as Businessman of the Year, Victor remains unassuming and grounded, defying stereotypes and misconceptions.

The revelation of Victor’s true identity and success story serves as a cautionary tale against hasty judgments and assumptions. In the era of social media sensationalism, narratives can be skewed and individuals misrepresented. As the spotlight shifts from Victor to other figures like Madzibaba Chipaga, who specializes in second-hand car sales, it is essential to approach such narratives with critical scrutiny.

State Media’s expose highlights the importance of discerning truth from fiction, challenging preconceived notions, and recognizing the resilience and determination of individuals like Victor, who defy expectations and rewrite their own success stories. As the saga of Chivayo’s “gifts” continues to unfold, it is evident that behind every catchy catchphrase lies a complex and multifaceted reality awaiting discovery.