Road Accident- Mayor Collides With Zanu PF Vehicle
4 March 2024
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In a disturbing escalation of political tensions in Masvingo, an accident involving the immediate past Mayor, Advocate Collen Maboke, and a vehicle belonging to Zanu PF has left several injured, including the Zanu PF youth chairman, Darlington Mandebvu. The incident occurred last night along the Bikita Masvingo Highway near Mutendi Church, marking a concerning moment of violence amidst the already charged political atmosphere in Zimbabwe.

Advocate Maboke, a notable opposition politician, was returning from his rural home near Nyika in Bikita with his wife, Tariro Maboke, and a relative, Simbarashe Matyei, when their vehicle was side-swiped by a Zanu PF vehicle that had encroached into their lane. According to Maboke, the Zanu PF vehicle, driven by individuals who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, aggressively pursued and blocked their car, leading to a physical altercation where Maboke, his wife, and Matyei were assaulted.

The confrontation took a turn for the worse when Mandebvu, the Zanu PF youth chairman involved in the dispute, was seriously injured by an oncoming vehicle while allegedly standing in the middle of the road. Mandebvu was reportedly taken to the hospital with severe injuries, suspected to include broken legs. The chaos did not end there; another vehicle overturned in an attempt to avoid the scene, though the condition of its occupants remains unclear.

Maboke’s vehicle sustained minor damage, and he reported the incident to the police in Masvingo. However, efforts to reach out to the police and Mandebvu for comments have been unsuccessful.

This incident not only highlights the dangerous levels of political animosity in the region but also raises serious concerns about road safety and the rule of law. The community awaits further details and hopes for a swift and just resolution to this alarming event.- Herald