Mutsvangwa Praises US President Joe Biden | FULL TEXT
6 March 2024
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Christopher Mutsvangwa

“We want to start by hailing President Joe Biden for taking the decision to lift a good chunk of the executive orders that had been inhibiting Zimbabwe from fully participating in the global economy.

It was a courageous decision from his part. We get to remember that he was the original sponsor of the ZIDERA Act in 2002 when he was a member of the US Congress, him and Hillary Clinton. So he knows Zimbabwe well and for him now as a President of the US, the most powerful country in the world to have had the sincerity and the courage to actually revisit the issue of sanctions and to nullify or to remove a bunch of the Executive orders, it is a positive thing.

As Zimbabweans who have suffered for so long, we really welcome that decision on the part of the US President.

It is coming almost two decades of continuous executive orders against Zimbabwe by US Presidents. It was almost a yearly routine that come February, come March, those sanctions will be renewed or will be increased or aggravated. So, to have them this time in 2024 being removed, it is a very positive thing.

I also want to add that as ZANU PF, we have always worked under the Mantra of our President, who would want to be enemy to none and friend to all. So it looks like the message is getting through.

There’s absolutely no reason why a little country of 16 million people, landlocked, snuck in the middle of Africa, would ever under any consideration be viewed as a threat to the US Foreign Policy. “ Amb Chris Mutsvangwa