Zimpapers Journalists No Salaries Since Jan, As Bosses Buy USD450K Luxury Cars
6 March 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | Zimpapers, the country’s largest media conglomerate, has been embroiled in controversy for failing to disburse February salaries to its employees amidst accusations of rampant corruption within its management ranks. Allegedly, the management had allocated US$450,000 for the purchase of luxury vehicles, including those for the newly appointed board members.

Luxury geeks bought

A statement reluctantly shared by the workers’ committee revealed that management had promised to settle salaries by March 6, a commitment they did not honor. Subsequently, the management informed the staff of a new payment schedule, with Grade 8 employees to be paid on Friday and Grade 7 on March 14, resulting in a significant delay from the end of the month.

An employee, who requested anonymity, expressed their dissatisfaction, stating, “This is a first for this company and it’s largely due to the uncaring attitude by senior management. They think that we will be satisfied because they too are yet to be paid when we all know that their allowances from January and early February, when they received car allowances, can sustain them. They are also receiving forex fuel coupons while we have to use public transport to work.”

Another worker voiced concerns over the skepticism they face from landlords, who find it hard to believe that a prominent company like Zimpapers could fail to pay its staff. “The perception out there is that we are well taken care of, yet reality on the ground is completely different. Even general tools of trade are pathetic. Something must just give because if the situation persists, the biggest media house might close shop, not because business is no longer there but largely because of totally misplaced priorities,” the disgruntled employee added.

Zimpapers, with its vast operations that span publishing houses, television and radio stations, and a commercial printing division, now finds itself at a critical juncture, threatened by internal strife and financial mismanagement.