Dog-Eat-Dog In CCC As Tshabangu Senators Recalled From Parliament
7 March 2024
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By Political Reporter- There is fresh chaos in the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change following the recall of four senators who were sworn in Tuesday after they were chosen by a faction led by Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and Lynette Karenyi Kore under the proportional representation quota.

A letter signed by former Entumbane-Makhandeni lawmaker Dingilizwe Tshuma who claims to be the CCC chairperson working closely with Albert Mhlanga, indicates that the recalled proportional representation senators are Kucaca Phulu, Lilian Mlilo, Linda Sibanda and Collet Ndlovu. Phulu was Tshabangu’s attorney.

Speaking to Studio 7 last night, Mhlanga said, “Yes, we had a meeting where we resolved to recall them because Sengezo Tshabangu single-handedly picked former People’s Democratic Party members where he belonged with Tendai Biti and Jacob Mafume. We are CCC which was led by Nelson Chamisa so these PDP members never stopped fighting in the party from the days of the late Morgan Tvsangarai who is the former founding president of the Movement for Democratic Change.”
The four filled posts left vacant following the recalling of some lawmakers, including former Bulawayo Member of Parliament Gift Ostallos Siziba and others by Tshabangu, who still claims that he is the interim secretary general of the party.
Nelson Chamisa dumped CCC a month ago citing Zanu-PF interference.
Responding to this move, Tshabangu, who is now a senator, said, “That’s a kids play and we are above that. Parliament is a respectable institution and it ought to be given that dignified status.”
Tshabangu recalled several CCC lawmakers and councilors resulting in the holding of byelections that were won by the ruling party. The High Court barred the recalled parliamentarians to participate in the byelections held last year and early this month.