Tshabangu Demands Access To State Coffers 
13 March 2024
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By political Reporter- The Sengezo Tshabangu-fronted Citizens’ Coalition for Change has approached the state demanding money.

The part this wrote to the government requesting the disbursement of funds due to the opposition party under the Political Parties Finance Act.

For a party to qualify for State funding under the Act, it must secure at least 5 per cent of the total vote in a general election.

The CCC faction’s interim treasurer Mbuso Siso on Tuesday, 12 March told NewsDay that they held a meeting in Bulawayo last year and resolved that the party should open a bank account.

Siso wrote a letter to the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ministry on 06 March, asking the government to speed up the process of funds disbursements. Reads the letter:

I am writing in terms of section 3 (1) as read with the section 3 (3) of the Political Parties (Finance Act, Chapter 2:11) to request the statutory allocation and disbursement of the funding that is due to the Citizens Coalitions for Change (CCC) political party which participated in the 2023 Harmonised general election in which it garnered sufficient seats to qualify for the funds.

We will soon submit the account details of our CCC bank account as we are requesting your good office to process and disburse the allocation that is due to our party in terms of the Act.

Kindly find attached a copy extract from the minutes of a meeting of the interim committee dated October 7, 2023, signed by the interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu and the treasurer general.

Siso also told NewsDay that Tshabangu, who is the faction’s interim secretary general, remains suspended pending a disciplinary hearing for not attending party meetings.

He also said the party has recalled Nomvula Mguni, Otilia Sibanda and Lungile Ncube, who were sworn in as proportional representation National Assembly members in Bulawayo, saying they were not part of the agreed list.