Passion Java, Mike Chimombe face arrest over Rainbow Towers scuffle. . .
14 March 2024
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By A Correspondent| Controversial prophet Passion Java and businessman Mike Chimombe have landed in trouble over a violent incident at Rainbow Towers on Wednesday night.

Java and Chimombe are accused of hiring goons to attack a local businessman before Chimombe pulled a gun and pointed at his security detail.

The goons are said to have bashed the businessman before robing him of US$18 000 and all was captured on the hotel’s CCTV.

A police report has since been made against the two at Harare Central Police Station under IR 030777.
Reports are that Java is bitter with the businessman for snatching socialite Hillary Makaya from him.

Hillary and the businessman have been taking their relationship to social media, Java’s playground and this has not been good news to him.

Chimombe is said to have pulled the gun after the businessman called him broke.

Claims are that over 30 hired goons attacked the businessman and his team and several witnesses including Obadiah Musindo are said to have witnessed the incident.

The businessman sought refuge into the toilet before he was taken to hospital for treatment together with his guards.

Reports are that the matter has reached the President’s Office as all the parties are his acquaintances.