Rest In Power Senior Cadre Mudhara Wazadza
14 March 2024
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13 March 2024

Citizens in Zaka South Ward 21 were greatly shocked by the sad news of the passing on of President Nelson Chamisa’s top fanatic, Mr. Enias Manyatera who was popularly known as Mdhara Wazadza.

Since the inception of the organic opposition politics pioneered by the pragmatic late icon of democracy, Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, Manyatera has been actively participating in the national discourse.

The late senior cadre was known for his sound prayers at the commencement of our rallies and meetings.

He was a man of varlour, mettle, and nerve because it was not easy at his advanced age to openly oppose tyrants in ZANU-PF residing in dangerous areas like Chitiyo.

Mr. Manyatera shall be missed by all progressive citizens home and abroad. He remains a paragon of virtue and fortified source of inspiration.

Ward 21 has lost a dedicated and energetic old cadre. May you rest in power our father and source of political wisdom.

Since solidarity is a core value of social democracy, all roads should lead to Zaka Chitiyo.

It is not about party positions but the role that one plays in the national democratic revolution.

Mdhara Wazadza is going to be remembered for his consistency in supporting the democratic project from the late Tsvangirai to the predecessor, Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Let’s flood Chitiyo tonight and tomorrow in respect of our committed cadre. He was being commented for his sacrifice when he decided to sleep at Chitiyo Primary polling station guarding the residue.

The dedication exhibited by the late Manyatera should inspire us to focus on the real struggle not trinkets and perks.

The old man risked everything in support of the democratic alternative. He was vulnerable to any abuse by ZANU-PF morons but did not hesitate to the Harare regime his middle finger. Sleep well Mdhara Wazadza, you fought a good fight. You inspired us! We shall continue with the struggle until victory.

Inserted by the Zaka Villager
Robson Ruhanya