Hailstorm Destroys Homes, Schools
17 March 2024
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A fierce hailstorm wreaked havoc in parts of Mutasa district in Manicaland, leaving behind a scene of destruction as a primary school and numerous houses bore the brunt of the natural disaster.

Over 80 houses in Mutasa Ward 20 fell victim to the destructive force of the hailstorm on Wednesday, while the roofs of four blocks and staff houses at Pimai Primary School were ripped off by the powerful winds.

According to Mr. Tedious Beto, the Acting District Development Coordinator for Mutasa, the Civil Protection Unit is currently conducting assessments to gauge the extent of the damage.

He emphasized the urgent need for support in the form of roofing materials and tents to aid the affected communities.

Confirming the impact of the hailstorm, Mr. Beto stated, “The district was hit by a severe hailstorm on Wednesday afternoon, primarily affecting Ward 30 of Mutasa. At Pimai Primary School, four blocks and staff residences suffered roof damage.”

He continued, “Adjacent villages such as Pimai B and Hamudikuwanda were also hard-hit, with over 80 homes destroyed.

Presently, our civil protection unit is actively assessing the situation, but our immediate priorities include tents and roofing materials.

“Mutasa district, situated in Manicaland province, has long been susceptible to hailstorms and various other natural calamities, underscoring the ongoing need for preparedness and support in such vulnerable regions.