5 Up-And-Coming iGaming Software Providers to Watch in 2024
18 March 2024
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The iGaming world is buzzing with innovation, and there’s always room for fresh faces to shake things up. Younger software providers are stealing the show, each with a unique style and technology. Let’s chat about five rising stars in the online gambling scene who are quickly becoming gamers’ favourites.

Habanero Systems

Habanero Systems is the new cool kid on the block, making waves with its eye-catching slots, table games, and video poker. Habanero casinos are showing up everywhere. They use top-notch HTML5 tech, ensuring their games look great and run smoothly on any device. Ever played “Koi Gate” or “Hot Hot Fruit”? If not, you’re missing out on some seriously fun themes and clever game features. Habanero is set on global domination, starting with a strong Asian presence.

They’re the ones to watch.

Smartsoft Gaming

Hailing from Georgia, Smartsoft Gaming is all about putting a creative spin on traditional games. They’ve got everything from slots to Keno but with a twist. Take “JetX,” for example – it’s part arcade game, part gamble, and all fun.

Smartsoft is for players who crave something out of the ordinary in their gaming sessions.


Genii is on a mission to change the game, literally. With a portfolio that spans over 130 games, they’re not just making games; they’re reinventing them. Their Spin16 series lets players interact with slots in a whole new way. It’s all about making games more engaging by understanding what players want.

If you’re into the latest and greatest in gaming tech, keep an eye on Genii.

Mascot Gaming

Mascot Gaming is the brainchild of industry pros who believe in quality over quantity. Their lineup may be smaller, but each game, from slots to lotteries, is carefully crafted. Titles like “The Riot” and “Hell’ Sing” mix engaging stories with deep gameplay. If you like a bit of story with your slot action, Mascot Gaming’s creations are worth a spin.

Triple Cherry

Straight out of Spain, Triple Cherry turns slot games into visual novels. Every spin should tell a story, transporting players to new worlds. With games like “Stellar Ways” and “Tomoe’s Sushi Bar,” they’re all about gorgeous graphics and unique tales. If you’re tired of the same old slots, Triple Cherry’s imaginative approach might be what you’re looking for.

The iGaming scene always evolves, with newcomers bringing fresh ideas and tech. These up-and-coming studios are ensuring the online gambling world is anything but boring. They’re not just making games; they’re crafting experiences that stand out in a crowded market. So, keep these names in mind – they’re redefining fun one game at a time.