FAZ Thugs Butcher CCC Official, Leave Him For Dead
18 March 2024
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By Masvingo Mirror-Members of the Zanu PF terror group, Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), by Kudzai Chidewe, have assaulted Chivi District’s CCC councillor Tawedzerwa Runyowa.

The incident occurred in front of parents and schoolchildren and unfolded as Runyowa attempted to attend a school meeting at Madyangove Primary.

FAZ, known for its history of violence and alleged interference in the 2023 elections, purportedly aimed to prevent Runyowa from participating in the gathering.

The case was reported at Chivi Police Station under RRB number 5770498. However, Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa stated that he was not apprised of the case at the time of inquiry.

Runyowa recounted the ordeal to The Mirror, detailing the confrontation with Chidewe and two others at the school premises. “I was attending a meeting at Madyangove Primary, and Kudzai Chidewe and his colleagues approached me. Kudzai is well known in the Growth Point,” he stated.
He continued, “They dragged me into a bush and accused me of causing trouble for people and the ruling party. They assaulted me with open hands, only to be restrained by onlookers. The incident occurred in front of parents and my children, who attend school at Madyangove. Despite being a councilor and having children at the school, they barred me from attending the meeting.”
Runyowa holds the distinction of being the sole elected opposition candidate in Chivi, having contested against Zanu PF candidate, businessman Stoneshed Chikambure. The altercation underscores the ongoing tensions within the district’s political landscape.