Francistown Green Team Takes A Stand Against Climate Change
18 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

In the heart of Francistown, Botswana, a powerful movement is brewing – the Francistown Green Team.

This dedicated group of individuals is not only committed to understanding the complexities of climate change but also taking tangible actions to combat its effects on their community and beyond.

Initiated by the Botswana Climate Change Network (#BCCN), the Green Team induction meeting marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards environmental stewardship.

By empowering local residents to spearhead their own initiatives and projects, the program ensures that solutions are tailored to the specific needs of Francistown.

At its core, the Green Team initiative aims to foster a deep understanding of climate change issues while advocating for equitable solutions.

By amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, the program ensures that everyone benefits from the collective efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

By joining forces with like-minded organizations and individuals, the initiative gains momentum and reaches a broader audience, spreading awareness and inspiring action on a global scale.

The importance of community-driven action in the face of climate change cannot be overstated.

By building a self-reliant community equipped with the resources and drive to tackle climate challenges head-on, the Francistown Green Team sets a powerful example for others to follow.

As we navigate the complexities of a changing climate, it is imperative that we come together as a global community to address these challenges.

The Francistown Green Team exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and determination needed to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

For those interested in joining the movement or exploring strategic partnerships, please reach out to the Botswana Climate Change Network at: is proud to announce its Climate Change Awareness Initiative.

Let’s join hands in the fight against the effects of climate change…

For strategic partnership inquiries, please contact us at:
Phone: +44 7411 343574
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