MP Grills Minister July Moyo Over Growing Food Crisis
20 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

The Member of Parliament for Harare Central Constituency, Hon Lovemore Jimu, voiced concerns on Wednesday regarding the escalating food shortage in the country and its impact on schoolchildren during a parliamentary session.

Addressing the Parliament, Hon Jimu pressed Minister July Moyo for clarity on the government’s response to the drought-induced crisis and the measures being taken to support schoolchildren affected by El Niño-related challenges.

Directing his inquiry to Minister Moyo, Hon Jimu queried, “What actions is the government taking to ensure that school-going children receive adequate nourishment?”

In response, Minister Moyo assured, “We have implemented targeted initiatives, including a special feeding program, to mitigate hunger.

Collaborating closely with relevant government entities, we are diligently managing the situation.”

” There is no cause for alarm; we are actively refining our strategies.

Furthermore, the President has affirmed the availability of ample food resources for all,” Minister Moyo added.

Reflecting on the parliamentary discourse, Hon Jimu remarked, “In my constituency, families are grappling with economic hardships, resulting in challenges to provide for their children.

Tragically, some learners are fainting due to malnutrition, highlighting a distressing reality.”