Vanoti Ndiri H*re ReZanu PF, Mai Titi Begs For Car From Wicknell Chivayo
21 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

Felistas Murata, commonly known as Mai Titi, has publicly appealed to prominent Zanu PF businessman Wicknell Chivayo for assistance in the form of a new car.

Chivayo has garnered attention for gifting cars to pro-Zanu PF individuals, sparking discussions regarding the source of his wealth.On her Facebook page, Mai Titi wrote:

“Dear Sir Wicknell, would you kindly consider providing me with one of those Aqua cars? I could use it for deliveries of FeliGlow Skincare. Some have labeled me as a Zanu PF supporter, and while I appreciate the gesture, I seek your support as well.”

Additionally, she stated:”My apologies for the interruption. Could someone assist me with Aqua from FeliGlow Skincare deliveries? It seems I may have missed out on Vhikita’s announcement; could someone kindly direct me to the relevant page?”

Mai Titi’s plea has sparked online debate regarding Chivayo’s philanthropic activities and the nature of his financial endeavors.

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