Teacher, Lution Paunganwa Killed On Way To Buy Medication For Mum
22 March 2024
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Lution Paunganwa (Mheta, Chikata, Svongorongo, Chirombo, Hata, Svowa) was gruesomely murdered in March 2024.

Lution was last seen alive the Wednesday he left Nyamhingura Secondary School, 6th March 2024. He was headed to Hauna with the plan to buy blood pressure medication… courier the medication via combis to his mother who lives at the family home in Honde Valley.

The late Lution Paunganwa

Lution’s body was discovered 6 days after he left the school (on 12th March 2024), by a relative passing by; dumped near a small river called Butukari not far from the Paunganwa homestead. His murderers had not only cut his life short but even cut both his feet in half!

Lution was a twin born at Seke North Clinic in Chitungwiza on 2nd May 1985. He was 38 years old at his time of passing. He grew up in Honde Valley and attended Jombe Primary School from grade 1 to 7 then attended Jombe Secondary School from Form 1 to 4, before relocating to Bulawayo where he lived with his brother. He enrolled at Denmark College for his A Levels (Form 5 and 6) then completed his Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Africa University. He went on to complete another degree in Education (majoring in English) from Zimbabwe Open University.

Lution was an English teacher at Nyamhingura Secondary School in Mutasa North near Zindi; and had big dreams to empower the Nyamhingura Community. His mission was for Nyamhingura Secondary School to achieve an O Level pass rate greater than 70%.

Lution loved Arsenal so much… he was often pictured wearing Arsenal football shirts. Though he did not play football himself, he enjoyed the sport and supported his team Arsenal.

Lution was a gentle soul who spread joy and happiness wherever he went; especially to his elderly unwell mother, Mai Simba, whom he was very close to. Lution was entrusted with the responsibility of looking after his mother and maintaining stock of her medication. Mai Simba was so proud of her son when he wedded beautiful Danai in December 2012.

Lution left behind his wife Danai nee Masara and 3 beautiful children; Tinokunda (10 years); Makaita (6 years) and Mufaro (2 years). He was in the process of building a rural home for his family. Lution and Danai’s beautiful home remains near completion.

Lution’s body was laid to rest as per custom on Wednesday 20th March 2024 in Honde Valley. His funeral was attended by many including family, friends and the Nyamhingura Community.

Police investigations are ongoing; however, no arrests have been made.

If anyone has information about this gruesome murder please contact a Police Department nearest to you. – Submitted