Chivayo’s Secret Love Affairs Exposed?
25 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

In a recent development, prominent Zanu PF activist and businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, has vehemently denied allegations of being involved in romantic relationships with two young women, Mihlali Ndamase and Mazvi.

In a statement addressing the rumors, Chivayo categorically refuted any association with the aforementioned individuals, labeling the accusations as “ridiculous” and “laughable.” He emphasized that he neither knows the women personally nor through any of his business connections.

Chivayo attributed the origin of these rumors to a purportedly attention-seeking blogger, identified as ‘@The Instigator,’ whom he accused of fabricating the story following Chivayo’s social media post showcasing his latest acquisition, a 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre.

Expressing his dismay at the proliferation of such unfounded claims, Chivayo highlighted the detrimental impact such rumors could have on his reputation as a father, businessman, and public figure. He underscored his commitment to maintaining his integrity and protecting his image from baseless controversies.

Furthermore, Chivayo extended his sympathies to the falsely implicated individuals, acknowledging the distress such unfounded allegations might have caused them and their loved ones.

He urged caution and responsibility in online content creation, particularly emphasizing the potential harm caused by spreading false information.

In a direct message to the blogger in question, Chivayo admonished them to consider the consequences of their actions, urging them to refrain from engaging in the propagation of falsehoods for the sake of fleeting online attention.

See Chivayo’s statement below :

My attention has been drawn to arguably the most ridiculous and laughable rumors that I am in some romantic affairs with young South African and Zimbabwean ladies by the name Mihlali Ndamase and Mazvi respectively.

Let me CATEGORICALLY state that i do not know both these ladies whether personally or through any of my business associates.

This utterly absurd rumor is therefore nothing more than a BASELESS FALSEHOOD originated by some attention seeking blogger known as @The Instigator on X whose feelings and ego were tormented when I posted my latest purchase of a 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre on social media.

He found an opportunity to find relevance by fabricating a pathetic story out of desperation for online attention.

Whilst I have come to accept that with my opulent lifestyle it’s very easy for a young black filthy rich millionaire like myself to trend for any reason on social media, I take the GREATEST exception to people who intentionally DECEIVE unsuspecting followers by spreading FICTITIOUS stories as a means of content creation.

For the record, I am a proud father of TWO beautiful children and a successful businessman of exceptional repute.

I do not have any affair nor do I intend on having a relationship either with the alleged ladies or any other person whatsoever.

I have a REPUTATION to protect and such unnecessary, spurious and defamatory controversies are unacceptable.

I equally empathize with Mihlali and Mazvi the ladies I am allegedly involved with, for being unnecessarily dragged into such absurdity.

Iyo NGOCHANI marara inonzi TATELICIOUS rwendo runo chandakaitadzira chihombe

Being the gentleman I am, I wish to express my regret to the innocent ladies Mazvi and Mihlali, their family, friends and boyfriend/spouse (if any) on the anxiety that this FICTITIOUS stories may have caused.

To the likes of @The Instigator , musoro bhangu TATELICIOUS newewo Shadaya this time wadzirwa mu Township netu ma Jersey twako twe 5 dollars twakanzi Chicago Bulls , please always spare a moment to reflect on how peddling falsehoods may affect other people’s relationships, reputation and future opportunities just for your likes and excitement of trending .

In conclusion however, i will never stop working hard closing BIG DEALS worldwide to ensure my bank balance remains far much more HANDSOME than the “instigators” of FAKE controversies and NONSENSICAL lies such as this one ! I THANK YOU…