Wicknell Chivhayo Strikes Again, Orders Madzibaba Nicholas Zacharia To Go And See Victor
25 March 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter-Zanu PF apologist and controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo has offered a brand new car to the seasoned musician Madzibaba Nicholas Zacharia.

The senior lecturer, as he is called in the music cycle, recently posted a video showing off his old Mazda BT50 car being repaired at a makeshift garage in Harare before appealing for a car from Chivhayo.

The VOA news’ Blessing Zulu (BZ) had an interview with Chimurenga music guru Thomas Mapfumo (TM) about a vehicle offer from Wicknell Chivayo, and the following is an extract of the interview:

BZ: Makanya what’s your take on Wickell Chivayo’s remarks that you will get a top of the range vehicle and a house if you sing praises to ZANU PF?
TM: I don’t want that. What will l do with a car when our people are suffering? The poor want well equipped hospitals and all resources must go towards that. I am a man of the people. I stand with the poor.

Chivhayo somewhat ignoring Mapfumo’s caution and has gone on to issue instructions to Madzibaba, ordering him to go and see the so called “Victor” on Monday:

MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION…I say very BIG congratulations to my brother in Christ , no one non other than the “SENIOR LECTURER” himself, MADZIBABA NICHOLAS ZACHARIAH…Your letter in response to my post was well received with thanks and content thereof respectfully noted…Ndinoti iyo MAZDA BT50 yedu yanga yakuti netsa iya mu zuva ra nhasi chairo chitsvagaiwo weku govera imimi se MUNHU MUKURU neku kurumidza ndapota PLEASE GO AND SEE VICTOR at EXQUISITE DEALERSHIP 29 Mazowe Street Cnr, Josiah Tongogara St , your brand spanking new 2024 TOYOTA FORTUNER 2,8d GD6 4X4 LUXURY is ready for collection…CHIPO CHINOUYA SE ROMBE CHAKA TUNGAMIRIRWA NA MARIA …Your participation , continued support at ZANU PF and other NATIONAL events throughout the years together with the significant and remarkable contribution you’ve made in the music industry will never be forgotten… Today i celebrate and appreciate you nekuti Takanzi se VATENDI chino tanga ITSITSI NE RUDO KOZOUYA KUNAMATA…Please enjoy your brand new car and always give thanks and praise up above…God is the GREATEST may you be blessed always MADZIBABA… ZANU PF CHIORORO…EDHUCHI…Edworks Edelivers… Edworks…2030 anenge aripo