Chivhayo Dumps Victor
26 March 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has switched his car dealer, leaving Victor Matiyenga of Exquisite Cars Dealership behind.

On Tuesday, Chivayo directed Zimdancehall pioneer Sniper Storm, whose real name is Donald Chirisa, to collect a new car from another dealership.

Chivayo has gained notoriety for acquiring top-of-the-range vehicles and gifting them to various individuals, including music artists, church members, and others.

Since last year, he has consistently referred beneficiaries to Victor at Exquisite Cars Dealership located at 29 Mazowe Street Cnr, Josiah Tongogara St in the city.

However, this week, Chivayo handed over a Mercedes Benz C200 to Sniper Storm, instructing him to go to “MADZIBABA CHIPAGA” for the car.

Chivayo explained that he was responding to a request from someone he deeply respects and urged Sniper Storm not to lose hope, emphasizing that sometimes prayers are answered.

The announcement drew mixed reactions, with some praising Chivayo’s generosity and others criticizing Sniper Storm for publicly appealing for a car.