Uebert Angel In Power Manipulation Scandal
26 March 2024
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By Religion Correspondent- Controversial preacher and GoldMaffia scandal Implicated fellow Ambassador Uebert Angel has been sucked into abuse of power and manipulation of other church leaders.

The controversy, involving individuals like Jay Israel and Mudiwa Hood, paints a troubling picture of intimidation and coercion aimed at fellow church leaders.
The saga took a dramatic turn when Jay Israel allegedly attempted to extort a hefty sum of USD50,000 from Batsirai Java, the brother of renowned preacher Passion Java.
This extortion attempt has strained relations between Passion Java and Uebert Angel, leading to aggressive actions against Batsirai Java, who has refused to endorse Uebert Angel as a spiritual leader.
Batsirai Java, known for his unwavering commitment to preaching the true word of God, has found himself at the center of a web of intimidation and manipulation allegedly orchestrated by Uebert Angel’s camp.
Reports suggest a calculated effort to coerce Batsirai Java into pledging allegiance to Uebert Angel, using threats and extortion as leverage.
The situation escalated further when Jay Israel reportedly visited Batsirai Java’s office in pursuit of the demanded funds, following an alleged break-in at Java’s residence. Subsequently, cyber attacks targeted Java’s social media platforms and website, adding fuel to the already raging controversy.
These revelations have sparked widespread speculation regarding Uebert Angel’s motives and actions, particularly his frantic attempts to secure endorsements from other church leaders like Makandiwa in the aftermath of these scandals.
An anonymous insider has hinted at Uebert Angel’s potential orchestration of these events behind the scenes, utilizing individuals like Jay Israel to execute his agenda while maintaining plausible deniability.
Concerns about Uebert Angel’s abuse of political office have also been raised, with accusations of power flexing and intimidation tactics reminiscent of organized crime operations.
The insider alleges that Uebert Angel’s recent interactions with Vice President Mohadi and his trip to Malawi are aimed at showcasing his control over political figures, positioning himself as a formidable influencer within the government.
These revelations underscore the critical importance of transparency and accountability within religious organizations.
Leaders must uphold ethical standards and integrity in their actions, lest they succumb to the allure of power and manipulation. As the situation continues to unfold, it is imperative for the truth to emerge and for appropriate measures to be taken to address any wrongdoing that may have occurred.
Only through transparency and accountability can the trust and faith of the community be restored.