Bad News For Zimbabweans As Australia Tightens Immigration Laws
28 March 2024
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By Diplomatic Correspondent – The Australian government has set forth stringent proposals to bolster its immigration laws, potentially spelling dire consequences for Zimbabwe and several other nations facing the spectre of a complete visa embargo.

As reported by Australia’s Herald Sun, among the countries under scrutiny for the visa ban are Iraq, Iran, South Sudan, and Russia.

This initiative coincides with a provision for a possible five-year incarceration term for asylum seekers who resist deportation following the exhaustion of all legal avenues.

The bill was tabled mere weeks before the High Court was scheduled to deliberate on a case involving an Iranian individual, identified as ASF17, who adamantly refuses repatriation to his homeland due to fears of persecution based on his sexual orientation.

The proposed legislation takes direct aim at nations deemed uncooperative in facilitating the return of their citizens who have been denied asylum in Australia.

These laws would empower Australia’s Home Affairs Minister, Clare O’Neil, with the authority to obstruct visa applications originating from countries that fail to comply with deportation mandates.