Chizuzu Mapeza Must Step Down From ZIFA
28 March 2024
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Dear Editor

The entire nation is aware of why Chizuzu supports Mapeza; Google has a long memory. When discussing the fabricated national team incident in Asia, it’s crucial to reference Mapeza and Chizuzu. They reportedly bought houses in Msasa Park with the money from match-fixing.

One wonders which Council has the funds to purchase houses in Msasa Park. Their support for Mapeza is clear—they consistently dismiss any foreign coach in favor of him. Tom Saintfiet and now Brito Dijong were reportedly removed from FC Platinum to make way for Mapeza, as part of their ongoing battle to protect their match-fixing cartel. They long for the illicit profits they once enjoyed.

Furthermore, they fiercely oppose the British brigade. Professional players with legitimate football careers would never jeopardize their reputations for a mere 5k in a single international match when they already earn £5-15k per week. These individuals are attempting to bring back the days of the Asiagate scandal, having grown fond of the easy money. However, changing their ways is as impossible as turning a donkey into a cow or a zebra into a donkey—if you know, you know. Zimbabweans are fed up with those involved in the Asiagate scandal; their actions have caused immense harm to our football.

Consider FC Platinum: despite their wealth, their performance in the CAF competitions has been lackluster, with matches being manipulated. Reflecting on the national team’s record under Mapeza, one has to question his significance. Pasuwa refused to be part of the Asiagate scandal, and now those who stood against match-fixing, like Tatenda Mkuruva, see their once-promising careers ruined. They spoke out against the reemergence of these practices.

If Zimbabwe truly desires to improve its football, Chizuzu and Norman must step down from their roles in the national team. Their actions, like selling return tickets before knowing the tournament’s outcome, are clear indicators of match-fixing. Such behaviors are unacceptable; we need integrity in our football, not individuals who prioritize money over the sport’s wellbeing.