Mnangagwa Announces Seizure Of Community Project
29 March 2024
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By A Correspondent

Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF leader, Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, has revealed plans for his government to take control of the Mapfura community project in Mwenezi.

This declaration was made during the commissioning of the Champions Food Maize and Wheat Milling plant in Tynwald, Harare, on Wednesday.

President Mnangagwa highlighted the importance of indigenous participation in the economy, citing the Champions Food Maize, Wheat, and Stockfeeds Milling Plant as a prime example.

This plant, capable of milling 500 metric tonnes of maize and 200 metric tonnes of wheat per day, represents a significant milestone in local entrepreneurship.

Acknowledging the recent unjustifiable price hikes in mealie meal, Mnangagwa attributed them to foreign-owned milling plants.

He praised the indigenously owned Champions Food plant for its role in stabilizing mealie meal prices, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting rural industrialization and modernization.

Referring to previous initiatives in Mwenezi, Mnangagwa highlighted research conducted by Midlands State University (MSU) on utilizing mapfura for community benefit.

He also mentioned innovations emerging from Bindura University, demonstrating the government’s investment in science, technology, and research to empower future generations.

“My Government will continue to foster a conducive environment for rural industrialization and modernisation.

Some years ago myself and Vice President Chiwenga went to Mwenezi and witnessed donkeys eating mapfura.

We engaged MSU to research on how these mapfuras could be utilized for community benefit.

MSU has since produced Amarula from mapfura.

At Bindura university, out of masawu emerged 3 drinks plus lotions, “said Mnangagwa.

Addressing the issue of land reform, Mnangagwa criticized Western countries for imposing sanctions, reaffirming the government’s stance on redistributing land among indigenous Zimbabweans.

” We reclaimed our land and this embittered Western countries who imposed sanctions against us. Its absurd for them to be angry over ourselves parcelling land to each other yet we don’t get angry when they do the same in their countries, ” said Mnangagwa.

He assured the nation of drought relief efforts and urged accountability in the distribution of food aid.

Mnangagwa emphasized the importance of local ownership in key sectors such as milling, inviting more indigenous players to invest in value addition plants nationwide.

He concluded by urging Zimbabweans to focus on developing their own infrastructure, rather than admiring foreign accomplishments.

Mnangagwa’s speech at the Champions Food Maize and Wheat Milling plant commissioning reflects the government’s commitment to indigenous economic empowerment and self-reliance, as Zimbabwe navigates its path towards prosperity under the Second Republic.