Chris Mutsvangwa After Bouncing Back Keeps Nibbling Lips And Scratching Collar When Praising Mnangagwa
30 March 2024
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By Farai D Hove | ZANU PF Spokesman Chris Mutsvangwa’s body language was louder than his voice when he kept nibbling his lips and scratching his shirt after launching praises of his boss, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

His conspicuous body language (video) was just as he said-

“… the fact that Zimbabwe has been at the centre of assaults by neo colonial Powers for more than two decades is now becoming a source of great pride and inspiration to the other African countries…

Chris Mutsvangwa

“…and the Star of Zimbabwe, the Star of our president comrade, ED Mnangagwa continues to rise among his peers, both in SADC, but also in the fellow sub regional organisations, as well as the African union, and even all the way to the United Nations. There is increasing appreciation of the correctness of the policies, which Zimbabwe has pursued in the second Republic, in giving Zimbabwe a resilient economy which is now taking full advantage of our bountiful resources. ”

Chris Mutsvangwa on Wednesday

News analyst Dr Masimba Mavaza has dismissed speculation around the ZANU PF spokesperson’s removal from his ministerial job saying there is nothing amiss about it. He added saying a ministerial job has no notice, one can be hired and fired at any time.

The ZANU PF member, Kerina Mujati who first published various allegations on Mutsvangwa in February has sworn to her words while challenging Dr Mavaza to a live debate on the matter.