Planned New Currency Is Empty Swap Of Uniforms By A Poor Team, Says Sabhuku Mliswa
2 April 2024
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By A Correspondent| Former Norton legislator Temba Peter Mliswa has dismissed the planned launch of a new currency saying it will be an empty swap of uniforms by a poor team.

According to the Newshawks, Zimbabwe is planning to introduce a new structured currency which will be backed by gold reserves but there has been strong criticism of the move by Zimbabweans who feel it will not save the economy from free-fall.

Posting on X, Mliswa said;

“Changing the currency isn’t much of a plan. It’s the empty swap of uniforms by a poor team. It remains itself in any attire. What is of essence is what backs the currency. We have exported all the gold& can’t back our own money. How much gold reserves do we have today.”

Former Mt Pleasant parliamentarian Fadzayi Mahere also spoke strongly against the planned launch of a new currency accusing the government of trying to ambush the nation by launching a currency without even an explanation.

“What kind of country launches a whole new currency with no legal framework, no notice, no explanation to the public as to what it will mean for the banking sector, business or the general public? How can you build trust and confidence when you govern by ambush? It’s a mess,” said Mahere.

CCC legislator for Youth quota Takudzwa Ngadziore also criticized the planned new currency saying it also already set up to fail due to lack of confidence and trust.

“The first crisis we face comes with confidence & trust. Political philosophy will tell you the importance of a , “SOCIAL CONTRACT.” Structured currency or any flowery terms will not lead to economic growth. Excruciatingly, this comes as SADC faces the El Niño drought.Over 4.4 Million Zimbabweans face the risk of hunger ! SAD,” said Ngadziore.