Hunger, Corruption, and Desperation. A Glimpse into Zimbabwe’s Food Crisis
5 April 2024
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By Jacob Ngarivhume| In the last week I was engaging and assessing the situation in the country especially with the current hunger we are facing.

I was in Hurungwe district and part of Gokwe Gandavaroyi. I engaged and listened to village heads and villagers.

Their situation is grave. The government through the department of social welfare has been registering a few villagers to receive food aid.

I witnessed several such food distribution exercises by the department of social welfare. What I saw is shocking.

In one village, six villagers were sharing three gallons of maize. What is more painful is the widespread corruption in the state that has really become endemic in the administration of ED and Zanu Pf.

At one such food distribution in remote parts of Gokwe Gandavaroyi, few villagers were registered to receive the food, and 192 bags of maize were offloaded.

Nearly one thousand villagers gathered and only less than 100 managed to receive the food aid. Those who got it were getting two gallons per family.

Very few managed to get a bucket full of maize. At the end 45 bags of maize remained. There was commotion as to whose it was. Those distributing could not explain. The argument continued till night fall.

Hungry villagers stumbled for the food and grabbed it and disappeared in the dark! All of it was looted by hungry villagers and the matter was reported to the police the following day.

In another place I witnessed villagers sharing maize using a tea cup. All signs indicate that we will have severe needs of food this year and the government better start allowing international food aid organisations to start coming through to help.