Advocate Nelson Chamisa Outwits Masvingo Police
8 April 2024
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On April 6, 2024, President Nelson Chamisa’s key leaders successfully convened a crucial meeting at Mucheke Hall in Masvingo urban, despite significant efforts by the police to prevent it. Heavily armed officers sealed off the hall’s entrances, obstructing district cluster leaders and parliament members from across Zimbabwe from attending.

Advocate Martin Mureri, also Masvingo’s urban MP and deputy cluster leader, expressed disappointment, stating, “We tried to engage the Masvingo police to allow the meeting, but they refused. We are highly dissatisfied.”

Honorable Daniel Molekele, Hwange Central MP and workshop participant, condemned the police’s actions in banning the National Citizens Assembly.

Undeterred, NCA leaders swiftly adapted. Senator Maggie Chabuda and organizer Amos Chibaya secured an alternative hotel, successfully hosting the workshop.

The workshop, organized by the NCA’s Organizing Department, received positive feedback. Honorable Gabuza from Matabeleland North commended the department, saying, “We commend them for arranging this empowering workshop.”

Honorable Monica Mukwada noted the workshop’s value in equipping leaders with necessary skills. She said, “This empowers leaders to fulfill their responsibilities.”

During the opening, Honorable Chibaya outlined the workshop’s objectives. Mr. Farai Chinobva conducted a session on role clarity, emphasizing its importance.

Leaders praised the discussions on roles and responsibilities. Honorable Magunje stressed effective communication’s role in electoral success.

Participants engaged in programming discussions, providing valuable insights and strategies.

Honorable Mutseyami expressed satisfaction in contributing to challenging the ruling party’s strategies.

Masvingo district leader Honorable Roswita Madzivire thanked the National Organizing Department for hosting the workshop despite challenges.

The NCA’s resolve to hold the meeting reflects supporters’ commitment to President Chamisa’s cause and their determination to overcome obstacles.

Attendees included Hon. James Chidhakwa, Hon. Machingauta, Hon. Chimhini, Hon. Matara, Hon. Shoko, and others.

Source :Change Radio