USD300,000 Worth of Copper Vanishes
9 April 2024
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Massive Copper Heist: Over $300,000 Worth of Copper Vanishes in Alleged Truck Driver SchemeCopper vanish... truck at assembly- graphic

In a brazen act that seems ripped from a high-stakes crime novel, a truck driver has reportedly made off with 36 tonnes of copper valued at over US$300,000. The consignment, en route from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Mozambique, has sparked a widespread investigation and a fervent call for justice.

The driver, identified as Francis Chipoka of Zambia, was last seen driving the hefty cargo for City Frontiers Transport, a Lusaka-based company, before both he and the copper disappeared without a trace. The company, along with authorities, are now offering a reward for information leading to Chipoka’s arrest, highlighting the gravity of the theft.

According to police reports, Chipoka was assigned to transport the copper using a Howo Sinotruk super-link truck, distinctively white and towing two trailers. The vehicle, equipped with a tracking system, was last recorded making its journey towards its destination before inexplicably being found abandoned in the central business district of Macheke. Strikingly, the truck was discovered opposite Vegono Supermarket, its valuable cargo replaced with empty wooden boxes typically used for transporting bananas. The original consignment documents were left behind, providing a crucial piece of evidence for investigators.

The police, piecing together the truck’s last known movements, noted that it had parked at Knors Petroleum in Marondera along the Harare-Mutare highway, suggesting a meticulously planned route. The investigation has since broadened, with authorities probing whether the copper was removed prior to or after crossing into Zimbabwe, indicating a possible cross-border criminal network.

This audacious theft has not only left City Frontiers Transport reeling but has also raised significant concerns over the security of cargo transportation and the increasingly daring nature of such crimes. With the search for Chipoka intensifying, authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward, hoping to unravel this complex case and restore a semblance of security to international trade routes.