ZANU PF MP Mutsa Ziyambi Brandishes Gun in Bar Altercation
11 April 2024
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By A Correspondent| There was drama over the past weekend when ZANU PF’s Mashonaland West youth quota Member of Parliament, Mutsa Ziyambi pulled out a firearm after an altercation with a patron at a nightclub.

Witnesses say Ziyambi and his aide entered QBar for refreshments, only for a dispute to erupt at the counter with another patron.

Eyewitnesses report that the disagreement escalated quickly, with the patron becoming physically aggressive towards Ziyambi.

“The guy pressed Ziyambi with his elbow and his aide had to come for rescue along with other patrons,” a witness to the dramatic scene told this publication.

Though intervention from both Ziyambi’s aide and other patrons managed to defuse the situation, it was only for a moment.

Tensions remained high as Ziyambi, visibly angered, retreated to his parked vehicle outside and moments later, to the shock of onlookers, returned brandishing a firearm, seemingly intent on settling the score.

Witnesses describe him crossing the road, gun in hand, shouting threats towards the club.

“He was seen crossing the road livid, cocking his gun towards the club, shouting ‘haanatsondizive angandiisa elbow inini.'”

Thankfully, a patron familiar with Ziyambi’s political stature intervened, urging him to reconsider the potential fallout of his actions on his reputation and that of his family.

“It was after a guy who knew his status advised him to at least consider his family’s reputation if he doesn’t really care about his own that he folded and drove off with his aide,” recounted a witness.

When contacted for comment, Ziyambi denied any involvement in this fracas.

“I was in Mutare whole of last week on parliament business with ministry of youth at golden peackok hotel,” he said.

Mutsa Ziyambi is also the son of Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi