Barcelona Punish Former Boss
14 April 2024
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Sports Correspondent

Luis Enrique’s approach against Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final first leg may have been a tactical miscalculation.

Ahead of the clash, the Paris Saint-Germain head coach was asked about fulfilling the Barcelona identity better between himself and Xavi, considering Luis Enrique’s previous stint with the club from 2014 to 2017.

“Me, without any doubt,” he responded confidently.

“Look at the data, in possession, in scoring chances, in high pressing. Look at the titles, the trophies. It’s not an opinion, it’s data. Without any doubt, me!”

Luis Enrique’s successful tenure at Barcelona, where he won nine major trophies including a Champions League, demonstrated his commitment to the club’s attacking ethos. However, this unwavering passion for a specific style of play might have ultimately backfired.

The 3-2 defeat to Barcelona ended PSG’s 27-game unbeaten run, exposing vulnerabilities in Luis Enrique’s tactical approach. Despite missing key defenders due to injuries and suspensions, PSG adopted a high-pressing game reminiscent of Barcelona’s peak under Luis Enrique.

They built attacks from the back and overwhelmed Barcelona with their intensity.

In contrast, Barcelona opted for a more conservative 4-4-2 defensive approach, showcasing a departure from the attacking style associated with Luis Enrique’s era.

The decision to start Marco Asensio as a false nine did not pay off as expected, leaving PSG to dominate possession and create more chances.

Ultimately, Luis Enrique’s rigid adherence to a specific tactical philosophy may have contributed to PSG’s downfall against a resurgent Barcelona side.