Church Elders In Horror Accident Near Seke FlyOver
14 April 2024
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Tragic Mishap on Seke Road, One Casualty and Multiple Injuries Reported

By Farai D Hove | ZimEye | In a distressing development this morning, an accident occurred along Seke Road as it leads up to the flyover in Harare, casting a somber shadow over the community. A truck carrying Safeguard security staff, along with a combi filled with church elders, was involved in the catastrophic incident.

As the details unfold, it has been confirmed that one individual has tragically lost their life amidst the chaos. In addition, there are reports of more than ten people suffering from broken legs, painting a dire picture of the event’s severity. The driver of the vehicle is among the most severely affected; he has yet to be extricated from the wreckage, with reports indicating that he has sustained critical injuries to all of his legs.

In the midst of the calamity, a glimmer of hope emerged as a young child was found underneath the seats of the combi. Miraculously, the child was discovered without a scratch, an occurrence that many are already calling a divine intervention.

As the first responders continue to manage the scene, there’s a collective sigh of relief that there have been no further fatalities reported. Special thanks are being extended to qmbulance services, which arrived at the site within an astonishing 15 minutes from Chitungwiza, showcasing remarkable efficiency and preparedness in response to the accident.

The community is holding its breath for the survivors as rescue efforts continue. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families during this incredibly challenging time.- ZimEye