Fresh Details On Fifi’s Embarrassing Pictures
14 April 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- Social media personality Felistus Murata, popularly known as Mai TT, has stepped forward to defend her daughter Fifi, whose nude photos recently surfaced on the internet, sparking widespread discussion across Zimbabwe’s social media platforms.

In an emotional Facebook post, Mai TT said she was shocked at the leaked photos and revealed that Fifi’s former boyfriend disseminated them.

According to Mai TT, Fifi had been subjected to blackmail by her ex-partner for a year, with him demanding money in exchange for not releasing the pictures.

However, when Fifi ran out of funds, the photos were made public.

Mai TT’s heartfelt message conveyed her disbelief at the situation, describing Fifi as a quiet and intelligent individual who had never given her cause for concern.

She vehemently denied exaggerated claims circulating on social media, asserting that there were no videos or websites involved, but rather, it was a case of betrayal by someone Fifi had trusted.
The distraught mother disclosed that Fifi had kept the threats hidden from her, choosing to handle the situation independently until it reached a breaking point. Mai TT emphasized that the matter had been reported to the police, expressing confidence in the legal process.
Acknowledging her daughter’s mistake in trusting her former partner, Mai TT reiterated her unwavering support for Fifi and emphasized her commitment to protecting her children at all costs. She condemned the stigma and judgment faced by single mothers, asserting that her children were her priority and that she had provided them with guidance and support throughout their lives.
In closing, Mai TT thanked well-wishers for their messages of support and expressed faith that they would overcome this challenging ordeal with the help of God.