Kenny Gwaze Funeral: Family Threatened While Mourning
15 April 2024
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Family Issues SOS Amid Threats…

By A Correspondent | ZimEye | In a distressing turn of events, the family of the late Kennedy Gwaze has reported receiving threats amidst a dispute over the arrangements following his demise. Issuing an urgent SOS through the ZimEye news network, Kennedy’s sister, revealed that the family has been forced to barricade themselves for safety.

The controversy stems from a (still to be named female friend’s) fight for the deceased’s property, plus a disagreement with an unnamed person from the Leeds Community, who had intended to organize a local gathering at a pub to honor Kennedy, affectionately known as Kenny.

However, the Gwaze family has declined this and any other public gatherings, expressing a desire to handle the funeral arrangements privately and to repatriate Kennedy’s remains to their home country for burial.

Kennedy Gwaze

The Gwaze family statement highlights the distress the family has been under: “We have barricaded ourselves after receiving threats… We do not want anyone here. We don’t want any GoFundMe campaign for Kenny. He is going home for burial,” the family stated in an announcement seen by ZimEye.

Family picture – file (Kennedy Gwaze in sight)

The family’s visit to the morgue on Monday was described as a painful ordeal, and they have been disturbed by the unauthorized dissemination of information about Kennedy’s death.

Compounding their distress, the family has also faced security concerns. “Someone has stolen the keys to the house,” they reported, indicating a breach of their privacy and safety.

The situation has been further complicated by conflicting views with the community on how to properly commemorate Kenny.

The family pointed out that despite the community’s intentions, the family’s immediate priority is their security and respecting the wishes of the deceased.

As the community and the family grapple with this tragic situation, the Leeds police have not yet commented on the matter. The family remains in a state of high alert, appealing for privacy and respect during this challenging time. They added saying, “If you love Kenny, he needs peace, give him that.”

The plea suggests pressures the Gwaze family is experiencing as they mourn their loss and seek to navigate this deeply personal tragedy in peace.