Is Government Telling The Truth About Cholera Situation?
16 April 2024
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CHOLERA cases in Manicaland are being contained with health officials confirming Buhera district has not recorded any new cases within the last month.

According to the latest indications by Manicaland Provincial health authorities strides have been recorded to contain the diarrhoeal epidemic with Buhera and Nyanga not reporting new cases for close to a month.

“Buhera reported their last case on the 20th of March, Chipinge on the 15th of March and Nyanga on the 12th of February. We have had a few cases in Mutare, Mutasa and Chimanimani with the cases being traced to Premier mining area and we have tried to deal with the situation. On the 7th we had one case, on the 8th we had 3 new cases, on the 9th we had 4 new cases and on the 10th we had 8 cases. They have gone down to three and yesterday we had two new cases reported which means that our cases are now very few,” said Manicaland Provincial Medical Director, Dr Mukuzuka.

Authorities however warn against complacency.

He added, “We have moved in to engage the communities in Premier area and to distribute food items. We are very happy to work with traditional leaders and leaders of the artisan miners to put measures to curb the spread of the disease. The fact that we still have Cholera in some parts of the province and some parts of the country means we do not need to put down our guard to record zero cases in the province and the country. With the incoming gatherings, we urge our people to adhere to measures we have been recommending and this is what has resulted in the successes recorded so far.”

As part of measures to reduce cholera cases, the government and its partners embarked on rigorous campaigns to educate the public, as well as sinking boreholes to improve the supply of safe water.

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